Ellisha, henna artist, portland oregon

Ellisha is grateful to be able to share in peoples celebrations and commemorate their life experiences with her henna.

Ellisha is a lifelong artist of henna, belly dance, and performance art. Belly dancing since the age of 16 henna body art was a natural progression and instant obsession. One of the main attractions to henna is the temporary nature of the art, each design lasting only a couple weeks allows for a constant evolution of ones body art. Being fascinated with Ethnobotany and having a B.S. in Botany from ASU intrigued her into learning the ancient history and chemistry of the henna plant, Lawsonia inermis. Inspired by the intricacy, sheer beauty, and variety of the art form, Ellisha began practicing henna on her self as well as friends and family. Within little time there was demand for Ellisha's art professionally and her career as a henna artist began.

The art of henna is commonly referred to as henna tattoos, but the end result is not permanent. The representation of henna is an inspiration in a fleeting moment in time; return customers rarely get the same henna design twice. This makes henna an ideal trial or alternative to permanent tattoos.

With more than 10 years experience in henna and 15 plus years working with talent agencies, corporate events, private parties, and kid's parties Ellisha truly epitomizes the word professional, and always strives for perfection. Ellisha's friendly, outgoing nature makes her an asset to any party, and the love she displays for her work leaves a lasting impression.

Additionally Ellisha is a happily married wife and mother of 2 young boys and when not working is enjoying time with her family in nature. She recently transplanted from Phoenix, AZ to the Portland area and is loving all this beautiful part of the world has to offer!